Testing your alarm

Testing Your Alarm System


It is important to test your alarm system periodically to ensure proper function of the alarm. We recommend you test your alarm system once a month. BEFORE you test your system, please call the Monitoring Station and let them know that you are going to test your system. If you do not have the direct number to the Monitoring Station, call BASS first & we will be happy to give you the number!


There are two (2) ways to test your alarm.

1. Testing signals WITHIN your home

2. Testing the signal FROM your home to the monitoring center

*The procedures vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the system. If you have one, refer to the owners’ manual to test according to your system type. *on our website* (look at the user manuals page under ‘Contact Us’) If you are still not sure, the following test procedures should apply to most alarm systems.

TEST 1-Testing the operation of all door and window contacts and motion detectors. (WITHIN home)

Step One: Verify that the system is in “READY” mode. Do NOT arm it! DO turn the CHIME on.

Step Two: Open each protected door or window, one at a time.

Step Three: Check that the keypad displays the door or window you are testing *(ex: if front door is Zone 1 the number 1 will be lit up on the keypad when the front door is open) You may hear the chime if you activated it in Step One.

Step Four: Close the respective door or window.  The number on the keypad will NOT be lit up when the door is closed.

Step Five: Repeat steps 2-4 until you have checked each sensor in the system.


TEST 2- Testing the signal transmission to the Monitoring Station (FROM home to Monitoring Station)

Step One: Call the Monitoring Station and ask that your system be placed in “TEST” mode. Be ready to give your monitoring account number & password. (Your monitoring account number is NOT the same number that the BASS office uses. Please call the BASS office if you do not know your monitoring account number)

Step Two: Arm your system as usual and set it off by opening a back or patio door or window. (You should open a back door or window because these doors are instant. There will be no delay for you to wait on, the alarm will go off immediately) You can also walk in front of a motion detector. Allow the alarm to sound for at least one minute.

Step Three: Turn off your system and reset it to “READY” mode.

Step Four: Call the Monitoring Station and verify that they received the alarm signal (you will need your monitoring account number & password for this also) After the Monitoring Station verifies that the signal was or was not received, ask the operator to take the account off of “TEST”.

Step Five: If signal was not received, call the BASS Security office to set up a time for us to check your system so we can ensure it’s functioning properly.


* If you have additional questions regarding testing your system call us at (870) 735-1503